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How can more young Filipinos be changemakers for their community and the planet?

With the threat of COVID-19 and its safety restrictions in place, many young Filipinos have become increasingly disconnected from Nature and isolated from their peers. They are more acutely aware of global problems and may feel helpless.

In line with this unique and unprecedented context, Ashoka Philippines and Ecology of Changemaking present to you Gubataan: A Youth Forest, an opportunity to guide young Filipinos to become changemakers equipped with skills vital in the 21st century!

Through Gubataan, young individuals embark on a journey to learn from Nature herself and connect with their peers as well as established changemakers. As they understand themselves, their unique capabilities, and bigger relationships around them, they enter a process of getting closer to becoming the people they aspire to be.

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Format & Audience

Gubataan is a 42-day online camp that aims to activate young people to practice unique powers that are highly valued now and more so into the future. The program uses interactive combinations of short videos, reflective and creative activities, and enriching conversations grounded on the 12 Principles of Permaculture.

Young people will: 

  1. (HEART/AFFECTIVE SKILLS) Grow their capacity for Sense-Making by learning to empathize with self, Nature, and other people

  2. (HEAD/COGNITIVE SKILLS) Nurture their ability to Think in Systems by making connections and appreciate inter-relationships and & cause and effects

  3. (HANDS/KINESTHTIC SKILLS) Bloom their confidence to be creative by being encouraged to build and create

Gubataan is designed for young people from ages 13-24 years old. A time commitment of 2-3 hours a week is needed to make the most of a young person’s stay at Gubataan.

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Interested in joining?

Send an email to for questions or to schedule a call.

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